About us

Most of us have that love/hate relationship with running and we often found ourselves complaining that “running is bullshit”.

This was a niche that running podcasts just didn’t cover!

Amy and Stewart run in Cardiff, Wales and are equally delighted and mystified to have listeners from around the world.


Stewart Harding

Started running in 2012 because he was hopelessly unfit and crap at football and decided that you couldn’t really fuck up running, and even if you did, 10 people wouldn’t shout at you for it.

Always one for a project, Stewart has written multiple blogs, hosted a radio show, created a YouTube channel, and so inevitably podcasting was the next bandwagon to jump on.

A nearly half decent runner for about 3 months in 2018 and mostly broken ever since, stats obsessed, and can always be seen running with trademark headband or buff.

Amy Cuthbert-Genders

Started running in 2012 having been inspired by the Summer Olympic Games (#InspireaGeneration). She was a fairly consistent back-of-the-middle-of-the-pack runner until a knee injury in 2017 put an almost two year dent in her training.

Amy is currently ‘building up her mileage’ after a stint of inactivity and weak excuses. She also ran an ultra once and now won’t shut up about it.


Left to right: William, Pippin, and Finley

Often to be heard whining, barking and scratching in the background are the BS doggos. William belongs to Stewart and is a rescue Australian Kelpie, whilst Pippin is a Beagle/Harrier cross and lives with Finley the Corgi, both of whom Amy has had from pups.