Tea is not bullshit

We’re delighted to be partnered with Bird & Blend Tea Co. after we banged on about them on multiple episodes. We often sip on their blends while we record and we know many of you have bought into them from our recommendations!

Do us a favour, the next time you feel the need to place an order hit this link right here: Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Enter the code TEAISNOTBS at the checkout with any other purchase to get a free 20g pouch of the amazing Chocolate Digestive.

What are we drinking?


If you’re an old lady like Amy then you’ll love Violet Cream. It’s a black tea with dark chocolate and a sweet violet flavour.

Sri Lankan Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Mallow Flowers, Flavouring


Your last chance for pumpkin spice tea before we get into Christmas spice tea!

There’s spiced pumpkin tea, sticky chai, matcha, chocolate and even stickers and pin badges!

Lock-in Experience

An hour in a tea shop, trying different teas, talking about teas, taking home some tea, and even getting a bit drunk with tea (optional)! Stewart had a great time at the TEAster lock-in in Cardiff, check out one near you. Lots of option available!