#99 – Cheating is Bullshit

We’ve entered a race! Doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but we’re super looking forward to this one, despite it’s very dubious premise.

There’s a whole lot of cheating going on it seems, and we still really really don’t get it.

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One reply on “#99 – Cheating is Bullshit”

The Grandest Daddy of cheating: Kip Litton (who sounds like he ought to be a spry Kenyan, but is actually a hench dentist from the USA).
Story on New Yorker (paywall, but you can read a couple of free articles a month)

I fell down an absolute rabbit hole of looking for info on this guy and found a photo of him during a 5k where he posted an age-group winning 17:30. In the photo, he’s walking along in a cotton tee and a pair of jogging bottoms that look like they came from the right-hand side of the rail in Sports Direct.

He doesn’t even look like he’s walking briskly.

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